I've heard that it is possible with Pinta to stitch/glue together 2 images. Eg: You have to scan in an A3 image, with an A4 flatbed scanner. You first scan twice an A4 (or a little bit bigger) of the left & right side of the A3. You then have 2 A4's with a small overlapping zone in the middle of the A3. The task is then to stitch/glue together those 2 A4's into 1 A3. The images have to be perfectly alligned, deskewed and so one in order to get an a3 which is "impeccable". Paint Shop Pro can do it, but as said Pinta would also be able to do this. Can somebody tell me how? All URL's are welcome. I'm new to Pinta, so the info has to be detailed.



asked 3 years ago