Is there a "hardness" setting for the paintbrush tool in any version of Pinta? In PaintDotNet this would be a slider (from 0% to 100% hardness) located to ther ight of the "brush width" and "type" settings. Pinta's glossary LISTS hardness as being on the toolbar, but in 1.7 and 1.6 I don't see it there. Does it actually exist? If so, where is it?

(To clarify, brush hardness in PDN and Photoshop is a setting where the edges of the brush become gradually more alpha transparent, resulting in a "soft" edge to the brush, versus the edges of the brush being completely solid colors.)

If anyone can help, that'd be awesome. Otherwise I'm back to trying to get PaintDotNet working in WINE...

asked 6 months ago