Many times friends call me to create a "frame" effect for there beloved pictures.

In Gimp 2.6.11 on Windows XP I do the following:
1. File | Open and open some picture (like original.jpg attachment)
2. Tools | Selection Tools | Rectangle Select
3. With rectangle select tool mark some area in picture.
4. Select | Toogle Quick Mask
5. Filters | Distort | Waves
6. In Waves window you can leave default and click on OK button
7. Select | Toogle Quick Mask
8. Select | Invert
9. Edit | Fill with BG color
10. Tools | Selection Tools | Rectangle Select
11. With rectangle select tool mark exactly the same area just like it was marked in step 4.
12. Image | Crop to selection

Now you have basic feature, that I would like to have in Pinta, but instead of above 12 steps it would be nice if this can be done in Pinta in two steps:
1. Rectangle Select
2. select Frame-wave option from Effects menu.
This would be all.

In Gimp I also do the following:
13. Tools | Color Picker
14. Select the color I wish to have instead of white background color selected in step 9.
15. Tools | Paint Tools | Bucket Fill
16. Click somewhere in the white space produced by step 9.

Maybe instead of steps from 13 to 16 there could be step 9 selected with transparency color.

suggested 11 years ago