I've been using Paint.net daily for five years, for editing photographs for my blog. I'm sick of Windows and would rather do it all on my other computer with Linux Mint. And Pinta is a good easy-to-use application. But there are two things missing that stop me from switching to it.

One is that Pinta lack's Paint.net's essential fixed-size and fixed-ratio features for selections. As someone who puts a dozen identically sized pictures a day on a blog, I find this a crippling lack.

The other is something that Paint.net doesn't have either in its basic form, but at least you can add it: BoltBait's very useful ColorBalance.dll, which gives you full control of the RGB balance of images.

It seems that there is some way of converting Paint.net DLLs to Pinta add-ons, but I am not clever enough to do it myself. And it might, perhaps, be possible for someone more skilled than me to write an add-on that allows fixed-size and fixed-ratio selections. With these, Pinta would be perfect as a simple photo editing tool.

suggested 5 years ago