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June 28th, 2016 Why Communiroo?

A while back I wrote a simple little mobile app to go in an app store and a simple homepage for it. Then I wanted a way to give my users a way to provide feedback and get support. I didn't know what to use so I checked the homepages of several other small apps from developers I knew. Every single one of them just provided an email address and nothing more.

It struck me as odd that there's a virtually endless supply of awesome services to help with building apps: from frameworks and languages to monitoring, crash reporting, and analytics, but there's very little out there to help you connect with your users and for your users to connect with each other. And thus Communiroo was born.

The technical aspect of your app is just half the battle. Cultivating your app's community and taking care of your users is the other half. Communiroo provides a single place for your users to file bugs, make suggestions, ask questions, participate in discussions, and get support. And it takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

I've been tesing Communiroo with an open source app I started called Pinta, so you can see Communiroo in action here. (Each module is optional or can be redirected to another site, Pinta still keeps its bugs elsewhere.)

Now I'm ready for more feedback, so I'm opening up Communiroo for beta. If you'd like to start building a community for your app, get started here!