Just updated pinta after a few months. Imagine my surprise when I try to move parts of my image and all the pixels become blurred thanks to some automatic crappy antialiasing. And there doesn't seem to be any way to disable it. Who added this feature? Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Why? In what context would antialiasing be useful when moving a selection? It was perfect before, and now it's ruined. It's a step back considering that translating an image without any alteration to its contents is an objectively better way to move it across the screen than distorting all of its pixels during the process. There's barely any logic to this. And there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it. Pinta was already a pretty bad image editor with limited functionality, lack of basic features, and features which just didn't work to a good standard. Now it's even worse. I don't see any efficient use for it since it feels like a butchered idea of what a painting program should be. Every aspect of using it has been frustrating for me and this latest change just makes everything worse. I also never understood how some people can recommend this as a legitimate painting program for Linux that can be a good alternative to paint.net. It's not, and it's a long way to be even considered as such. Even MS Paint is better in quite a few aspects. I'm sorry for the rant, but after all the frustrating moments I had with this program, I feel like this needed to be said.

started 3 years ago