I just discovered Pinta recently after years of being a die-hard Paint.NET fan. This is such a great project, and Pinta is honestly almost perfect in every way but WOW was I disappointed to see the way resizing selection contents is handled. Making a rectangular section, and then resizing it vertically or horizontally is something I do in Paint.NET constantly, and Pinta seems to have glossed over this very important (and very basic) feature. Yes, you can resize the contents of a selection with the Ctrl key held, but it only anchors to the center of the selection and I can't just grab one side of it and extend it without extending both sides symmetrically. The way the rectangular selection tool handles this is absolutely perfect, giving me grab points on all four corners and all four sides, but of course this only resizes the bounding box itself and not the contents. Once I switch over to the Move Pixels tool, I can only resize the selection around the central anchor point which is frankly maddening. The workaround is to pull the selection into a new image, resize the whole image, and then paste it back where you got it from. Suffice it to say this is no bueano for a lot of people, including myself.

I want to use Pinta so badly, but I can't without this simple feature. Is there any chance of getting it added in a future release? If the Move Pixels tool handled resizing selection contents the way the Rectangular Selection tool handles selection box resizing, Pinta would be perfect in every way!

started 3 years ago