I downloaded Pinta today to try it out. However, there are few things I found weird..

  1. No "Add-in"/ "Plugin" button in the tool bar. When I looked at older versions of the software, it was there. What happened to it??
  2. No settings. This means there is no possible/ direct way to edit shortcuts, themes, etc.. (Preferences in general) from the software itself. Will this be added in the future?, As this is a very important thing to have in your drawing/ image editing software.
  3. The software seem to have changed a small bit since it was first made. Will the official documentation get an update?
  4. Will pressure sensitivity and stabilization be added? Sometimes while editing/ drawing, you do need to be able to press lightly or heavily for giving different effects (instead of continuous changing of the brush size)

Thanks for reading!

asked 1 year ago