Hi, first of all, I want to give huge thanks to all the developers for making this awesome program. I've been an avid user of Paint.net on Windows for years, and finding out that this program even exists has made it super easy for me to finally switch to Linux as my main OS.

With all that said, there are a couple options that I can't seem to find.

  1. disable image filtering for resizing. Whenever I want to resize an image, lets say it is a 240x120 pixel art image, it always blurs. Unlike Paint.net, Pinta does not have a "scaling method" option on the resize menu. I have looked everywhere for an option to disable image filtering, but I haven't found it anywhere. I would like to know if the option is there and I missed it, or in the case it isn't, if it is viable for implementing in a future update.. This, in my opinion, would be a gamechanger for pretty much anyone that does pixel art.

  2. resize selected pixels. I know you can move the selected pixels with "M", but so far I haven't seen any option, or "pivots" to let me resize the selected pixels after I finish the selection. (Note, I dont mean resizing the selection "box", I mean resizing the selected pixels themselves, within the canvas)

Once again, If this is something that can be done, but I couldn't find out how, please let me know.. and if it hasn't been implemented yet, I would like to know if it is viable for a future update

Again, thanks to the devs for all your hard work, and if there is any way in which I could help, I would gladly do so.

asked 1 year ago