I have tried many different paint editors and I really like the way KolourPaint on Ubuntu is handing the following jobs:
1. When selecting rectangle select option button and pressing Delete - the content gets white color (Pinta gets transparent).
2. When selecting rectangle select option and then move a rectangle to different position background becomes white (Pinta gets transparent).
3. When using eraser with left key it uses white color and right key uses black color (Pinta is using left for transparent and right for white color).

I think this transparent is one single most annoying thing in Pinta which is the behavior copied from Paint.net. Always when I use any of the above three tasks I have to REPAIR transparent area with painting the background with white color. Time consuming and annoying.

I suggest if possible to use default like KolourPaint does (white and not transparent) or make some option maybe in Edit many to switch white/transparent behavior.

I really think that simple paint/image editor should use white color like most of the simple paint/image editors use. White color is even used by Gimp! which is not a simple paint editor.

P.S. KolourPaint on Ubuntu 10.10 is installed using command: sudo apt-get install kolourpaint4
Then program is run by using command: kolourpaint (without number 4).

suggested 11 years ago